Flag Raising Ceremony at ADNOC Technical Institute ADNOC CEO visits to ATI Blood Donation Programme Certificate Distribution ATI Students at Schlumberger Abu Dhabi Police visited ATI to inform students about good citizenship, road safety issues and correct observance of the law ATI students engage in practical learning on the ADMA Pilot Training Plants All students in the ATI Technical programme take a six–week practical course in the four new pilot plants: the wellhead, the oil processing plant, the gas dehydration plant and the gas sweetening plant. Hands-on, practical learning forms the basis of instruction at ATI.

Chairman of the board

Mr. Abdulaziz Alhajri

Director, R&P(ADNOC)


Mr. Ghannam Butti Al Mazrouei

Acting Director, HC&A(ADNOC)

Mr. Sultan Al Bigishi

Senior Vice President, Operations(TAKREER)

Mr. Awad Al Jabri

Vice President, Operations(ADGAS)

Mrs. Muna Al Muhairi

Senior Vice President, Corporate Support(ADCO)

Mr. Ahmad Saqer Al Suwaidi

Senior Vice President, DS(ADMA)

Mr. Abdul Nasser Al Mughairbi

Senior Vice President, Technical(GASCO)

Mr. Badr Al Mansoori

Senior Vice President(ZADCO)

Mr. Ibrahim Al Zaabi

Vice President, Olefin(BOROUGE)

Secretary to the board

Dr. Mohamed Al Menhali

Manager, ADNOC Technical Institute

As ADNOC continues to grow its business and expand production, it will require a new generation of highly talented young professionals. ADNOC is committed to maximising Emirati participation in the workforce—an undertaking that will provide many career opportunities for the technicians and field operators who graduate from ATI.

Founded in 1978, ATI has trained over 5000 technicians and operators, many of whom now occupy senior positions within ADNOC’s group companies. Career opportunities for hard-working, motivated and skilled technicians will be plentiful as ADNOC rolls out its five-year business plan and longer term strategy.

Over the last two years there have been major developments, expansions, and improvements at ATI’s Training Facilities, including the ADMA Pilot Plants building. This facility consists of four new pilot training plants that greatly enhance the learning experience of our students by providing unparalleled opportunities for hands-on in-plant training and real on the job training experiences.

In addition, ATI is supported by modern and fully equipped workshops, smart classrooms, science laboratories, DCS simulation centers, multimedia centers, and laboratories for each specialisation. A new English Language Training Center is also being developed, with an expected opening in 2017. Student life is also sustained by various indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

ATI’s students will play a critical role in the future of the ADNOC Group of Companies, and the UAE as a whole. ATI staff and educators support and instruct students, ensuring that they will become dedicated and knowledgeable technicians and operators, ready to help ADNOC and contribute to achieving its key objectives. So, I urge all students to take full advantage of the opportunities offered through ATI.

Finally, on behalf of the ATI Board of Trustees and myself, I would like to welcome all students, and staff to ATI and express my hope that you will enjoy a happy and successful future with the company.

ADNOC Technical Institute was founded in 1978 as a training facility for the Oil and Gas Industry in the United Arab Emirates. It is situated in Al Shawamekh, Abu Dhabi on a large purpose-built campus with fully up-to-date training facilities, including several pilot training plants. The main function of the Institute is to provide the ADNOC Group of Companies with entry-level technicians for the various oil production installations around the country. The Institute is sponsored by the Operating Companies from the ADNOC Group. After training at ATI, graduates will be allocated to on-the-job training programmes at one of these companies where they will develop the expertise required to work as skilled technicians in the Oil and Gas Industry.

The training programme at ATI begins with an extensive Foundation Programme which provides a grounding in English language skills, mathematics, science, Arabic Language and Islamic Studies. The Foundation Programme is followed by two years of intensive technical training in one of four selected specialisations (Process Operator, Electrical Technician, Instrument Technician, Mechanical Technician).

Additional specialized training programmes designed for new employees of specific ADNOC Group Companies are also offered as required.

A new English Language Training Centre is currently being developed to provide specialised language courses for Company employees.

Emirati trainees are accepted into the Institute after successful completion of secondary school (grade 12). For information about enrolling at ATI, please see the admissions section of the website.

Mission Statement

ATI is committed to providing exemplary education and technical training to young UAE nationals planning to join the workforce of the ADNOC Group of Companies as entry-level plant technicians and process operators. Programmes are developed in line with international educational, technical and industrial standards while fostering the ethics, national identity and culture of the UAE.

Vision Statement

ATI seeks to maintain its role as the leading provider of general education and high-quality technical training for prospective employees of the Oil & Gas industry in the UAE.

2016 The ADMA Pilot Training Plants were handed over to ATI in January. A programme of practical hands-on study in the plants was initiated for all semester four technical students.

ATI changed its basic mandate and began accept holders of a secondary school leaving certificate into its technical programmes.

A new Board of Trustees was established with members nominated from each of ATIs sponsoring companies within the ADNOC Group.

2015 Under the sponsorship of ADMA, four pilot training plants (simulators) were constructed on ATI Campus. These are:


An Oil Processing Plant

A Gas Sweetening Plant

A Gas Dehydration Plant

Use of these plants will greatly enhance technical instruction at the Institute by upgrading hands-on, practical training for all students to include live plant operations and maintenance.

ATI expanded its agreement with Cambridge University (CELA) to offer additional (online and paper-based) tests to its own students and to employees of the ADNOC Group of Companies in its purpose-built Assessment Centre.

2014 ATI graduates enrolled into the National Military Service for the first time

2013 ATI completed phase 5 of its expansion programme with the handover of a new building and the new mosque. The new training building incorporates new classrooms and workshops, in addition to offices and a new Assessment Centre equipped with computer-based assessment facilities (CBT).

2012 2012/2013 TAKREER and ZADCO Training Programmes. ATI provided a one-year training programme for new employees at TAKREER and ZADCO. This programme (the OPCO Training Programme) offers practical and theoretical instruction to entry-level technicians over a twelve-month period. Candidates should have a good level of English and should normally be secondary school graduates. Two semesters of intensive training at ATI are provided, as well as a practical work experience component on-site at the relevant OPCO plant.

2011 saw the first batch of ATI graduates to receive the Mechanical Technician (Oil and Gas) Award under the ATI / SQA Customised Joint Award Scheme (CJAS). ATI also successfully provided its first external training course for the Supreme Petroleum Council, Crisis Management Team (CMT). The three month Petroleum Operations for Engineers Programme (POEP), provided an in depth overview of the Petroleum Industry for Engineers and Technicians of the CMT.

2010 In order to enhance the training provided by ATI, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between ATI and Schlumberger Middle East & Asia Learning Centre. Also ATI was presented with SQA’s International Star Award, which recognizes the achievements of training centres which deliver SQA qualifications to international students in Scotland and overseas. ATI was the first institution in the UAE to receive this recognition. In addition to this ATI gained authorisation to offer SQA Verifier and Assessor awards. The authorisation to deliver these two training units to internal and external candidates has greatly increased ATI’s status as a training provider for technical instructors. Finally 2010 saw the completion of the ATI expansion and the opening of new facilities including a library and student hostel. 2011: A revised mission and vision statement was agreed by BOT members and endorsed by its Chairman. The new statements reflect the Institute’s aspiration to become the best vocational education provider in the region and its role in the development and education of young UAE nationals in support of ADNOC Group of Companies.

2009 ATI gained internationally recognised accreditation from the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) for its mechanical technician program. The instrumentation and electrical programs are also being prepared to qualify for this award. In the same year, ATI began to offer the internationally recognised PET language certification (Preparatory English Test) to all final year trainees. In addition, ATI became a Cambridge University (ESOL) PET test centre.

2008 ATI relocated to a new purpose built campus in Shawarmekh, which included a modern educational technology infrastructure.

2007 A new curriculum and assessment system for the Foundation Program was completed and fully implemented

2006 ATI was reorganised to offer additional support services by adding the Shared Service Section, an IT unit, an Admin/HR Unit, a Finance Unit, a Registration and Records Unit, a Testing Center, and a Learning Enhancement Center.

2005 The QEP modernised and strengthened ATI’s IT infrastructure greatly improving its capabilities to deliver courses using the latest educational technology. ATI adopted a new logo that defined its mission.

2003 The ATI Quality Enhancement Project (QEP) was initiated for the purpose of upgrading ATI’s academic, training, and IT capabilities.

2002 The Preparatory Program was renamed ‘Foundation Program’.

2001 A Board of Trustees was established to supervise all ATI activities and to work towards establishing ATI autonomy.

1998 Accreditation by Ministry of Education was obtained and an Annex of ATI was opened in Madinat Zayed to serve the training requirements of the Western Region. In the same year, the ‘Advanced Technical Program’ was introduced in partnership between ATI and the Higher Colleges of Technology.

1990 ATI came under the direct management of ADNOC which took control of all aspects of the program.

1985 A Higher Technical Program was created. The Program was offered in Process Operations, Instrumentation and Mechanics. In the same year, the curriculum (including the new Higher Technical Program) was reviewed for accreditation.

1983 The Electrical specialisation track was added to the Technical Program.

1981 There was a need to increase the number of UAE Nationals undertaking training at ATI and subsequently entering the workforce. In response to this, a one-year Preparatory Program was introduced. This provided training for applicants initially unable to meet entry standards of Technical Programs.

1980 The need to extend this service to other specialisations and other Group Companies was recognised. Consequently, a Technical Program of two-year duration in three specialisations (Process Operations, Instrumentation and Mechanical Maintenance) was introduced.

1978 ATI was established to offer a two-year training program for an initial group of 64 UAE national trainees to operate the salt and chlorine plant which was then under construction in Sas Al Nakhl (formerly Umm Al Nar). It was then called the Career Development Center (CDC).





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