Flag Raising Ceremony at ADNOC Technical Institute ADNOC CEO visits to ATI Blood Donation Programme Certificate Distribution ATI Students at Schlumberger Abu Dhabi Police visited ATI to inform students about good citizenship, road safety issues and correct observance of the law ATI students engage in practical learning on the ADMA Pilot Training Plants All students in the ATI Technical programme take a six–week practical course in the four new pilot plants: the wellhead, the oil processing plant, the gas dehydration plant and the gas sweetening plant. Hands-on, practical learning forms the basis of instruction at ATI.

Dear Parents,

In line with ATI’s policy for establishing regular channels of communications with parents, we have set up this page to enable parents to monitor the progress of their sons while at ATI. We sincerely hope that parents will benefit from this service and be able to obtain the required information.

This page is currently under development.

New Attendance Policy (effective from the current term September 2016)

First warning letter

27 periods with or without excuse

5% of total periods

Second warning letter

41 periods with or without excuse

7.5% of total periods

Third warning letter

54 periods with or without excuse

10% of total periods


More than 55 periods with or without excuse: suspension from ATI

  • Attendance is tied to stipend payment

  • Total number of periods during the term: 18 weeks * 30 periods: 540 periods

All students must adhere strictly to the code of good conduct at both the campus and in the hostel. Failure to abide by the code of good conduct will result in punishment of the offenders. In some extreme cases offenders will be terminated from the institute.





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