Flag Raising Ceremony at ADNOC Technical Institute ADNOC CEO visits to ATI Blood Donation Programme Certificate Distribution ATI Students at Schlumberger Abu Dhabi Police visited ATI to inform students about good citizenship, road safety issues and correct observance of the law ATI students engage in practical learning on the ADMA Pilot Training Plants All students in the ATI Technical programme take a six–week practical course in the four new pilot plants: the wellhead, the oil processing plant, the gas dehydration plant and the gas sweetening plant. Hands-on, practical learning forms the basis of instruction at ATI.

Student Hostel

If you are living in areas outside Abu Dhabi, such as Al Ain, the Western Region or the Northern Emirates, you are entitled to accommodation in the student hostel. Other students with extenuating family circumstances may also be considered. The hostel provides a healthy and comfortable environment for the students to live, study, socialize and make good use of their leisure time. In addition to the accommodation, catering, laundry and transportation services, ATI offers other facilities, such as the Learning Enhancement Centre where remedial lessons are offered for those who need them. There is also a student entertainment club.

Car Parking

Secure car parking is provided if you choose to come to ATI by car. Upon registering your car with security, you will be provided with a parking pass allowing you access to ATI student parking. The parking pass will be withdrawn if you are found violating safety rules or driving your car in an unsafe manner.

ATI have adopted a reverse parking policy in an effort to reduce the risk of accidents when people are leaving the campus. The maximum speed limit within the campus is 20 kph, on the approach road it is 40kph. Speed humps are installed to ensure compliance to the limits. If you are caught speeding or driving dangerously you will not be allowed to bring your car onto the ATI parking lot.


Free transport to and from the ATI campus is available for all students who request it. Buses are provided to collect and return you to locations over the whole of Abu Dhabi during your time at ATI. Students who live in the Northern Emirates or Al Ain are transported home for the weekend. If you require use of this service, you should submit your ID number, contact number and your address to the Student Affairs Section, who will provide you with all the necessary information.


ATI has a student cafeteria accommodating up to 450 students, serving a variety of hot and cold meals during the assigned breakfast and lunch breaks and in the evening for those students staying at the hostel.

ADNOC Oasis Shop

In addition to the cafeteria, ATI also has an on-site ADNOC Oasis shop providing light refreshments throughout the day.


A purpose built Mosque with a capacity for 600 worshippers is situated within the ATI Campus.


ATI has a number of sports facilities and is keen to encourage students to actively participate in its sporting activities. Facilities:

  • Gymnasium

  • Indoor Sports Hall

  • Outdoor Football pitch

  • Volleyball Court

  • Basketball Court

  • Badminton

  • Billiard/Snooker

  • Table Tennis

Student Registration

The Registration and Records Unit keeps and maintains the files and records of all applicants, candidates and students of the Institute. Students are admitted twice in every academic year. Announcements for registration and admission are made in the local newspapers and on the media at least two months before the beginning of each academic term. The first term begins in September and ends in January, and the second term begins in February and ends in June. Placement in the various levels of the Foundation Programme depends on achievement in the English language and mathematics placement tests. The tests are organised by the Assessment Centre at the Institute in coordination with the Registration Department and the Academic Studies Section. Once admitted, each student will be issued with an ATI student ID card along with all the other materials to help start his educational career at the Institute.

The student will also be provided with a pair of coveralls twice a year (at the beginning of each term) and a pair of safety shoes once a year.

Registration is open to all male UAE citizens (and sons of UAE national mothers) who have successfully completed secondary education and whose age is between 18 and 22. Candidates must be medically fit.

Counselling and Student Guidance

There is a Counselling Unit in the Student Affairs Section where there are qualified and experienced counsellors to help students with any problems they may experience with academic progress, attendance or social adjustment to the ATI environment. The counsellors also provide guidance regarding allocation of successful students to the ADNOC Group of Companies upon graduation from the Institute. Counsellors will provide support and encouragement, particularly for those living in the hostel. They will help students to develop personally, and to appreciate the value of the opportunities provided by the Institute. Students will also be encouraged to be active and get involved in the ATI’s social, cultural and sports activities. Our counsellors will also be contacting parents from time to time to keep them posted on their son’s progress at the Institute and answer any questions they may have.

Career Advice and Graduation

Once the Foundation Programme has been successfully completed, students will progress to the Technical Programme. Depending on the needs of the ADNOC Group Companies, performance in ATI and personal preference, students will be allocated to one of the four technical disciplines: Process Operator, Electrical Technician, Mechanical Technician and Instrumentation Technician. Presentations provided by instructors from each of the technical disciplines will be held where students can ask questions and gain a clearer understanding of the type of work associated with each discipline.

Upon reaching the Technical Programme, one of the first courses taken is the Petroleum Industry Overview. This will provide a clear picture of the Oil and Gas Industry with particular focus on the roles of the individual ADNOC Group Companies.

Student Council

If you are an active student and interested in helping your fellow students, you can join the ATI Student Council. The council is intended to be a vehicle through which students can express their views and come up with suggestions which benefit all students and the Institute in general. It is a channel of cooperation between the students and ATI Management.

The council comprises nine members representing all ATI students. They will meet to elect a chairman and a secretary and will carry out their work under the direction of one of the counsellors and ATI Management.

Special Events

Throughout the year, ATI offers a wide variety of physical, social and cultural activities. You are encouraged to participate in these activities, which are designed to enhance your classroom work and provide a healthy balance between work and leisure in your life. These events develop individual and group initiatives, teamwork and leadership skills. skills.

ATI Sports / National Day Celebrations

This is an annual event which lasts the whole day and is held on-campus at ATI. You will have the opportunity to participate in numerous activities with your fellow students and staff.

There are a number of events including, football, volleyball, table tennis, play station, billiards and baby foot. An awards ceremony is held at the end of the day to reward participants for their efforts.

In addition to Sports Day, ATI Sports Team participates in the ADNOC Tournament, the Ramadan Competition and Interdepartmental Championships.

The celebrations are held annually at the ATI campus to allow students and staff to socialise and learn about the history, culture and traditions of the UAE, as well as to enjoy sporting activities.





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