Flag Raising Ceremony at ADNOC Technical Institute ADNOC CEO visits to ATI Blood Donation Programme Certificate Distribution ATI Students at Schlumberger Abu Dhabi Police visited ATI to inform students about good citizenship, road safety issues and correct observance of the law ATI students engage in practical learning on the ADMA Pilot Training Plants All students in the ATI Technical programme take a six–week practical course in the four new pilot plants: the wellhead, the oil processing plant, the gas dehydration plant and the gas sweetening plant. Hands-on, practical learning forms the basis of instruction at ATI.

The GPFS is a an online portal which allows the OPCO Users to provide feedback for ATI Students working with the respective OPCO Companies. The purpose of this portal is to assists the ATI Management in making Academic-Decisions based on the feedback collected for ATI Graduates.

The feedback is collected through a series of questions addressing their English and Technical Knowledge skills.

The users also provide their feedback and suggestion for a student.

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